Daily life at the folk high schools

During your stay at a folk high school, you live, eat, study, party and clean together with the other students. Everybody has the same duties and the same rights – no matter sex, social range, religion, nationality, ethnicity etc.

(Krogerup folk high school is used as an example in both videos)

As the students often represent a wide range of backgrounds and live close together in both good times and hard times, everybody has to do their best to get the most  out of the day as a whole.

At a folk high school you live together and experience each other in a number of different situations. Many folk high schools offer both shared and single rooms. You usually have joint meetings and smaller group meetings every week.

Teachers and students

Respect, equality, cooperation, dialogue and tolerance are some of the keywords in making daily life at the folk high schools work. This is not only the case among the students. One of the core-ideas of the folk high schools is equality and mutual learning between teachers and students. The classes are characterised by the free word, dialogue and an open curriculum which can be changed during the course.


Singing together is deeply rooted in the culture at the folk high schools. It is a tradition reaching back to the birth of this type of school. The founder, Grundtvig, wrote 1,585 psalms himself. You usually sing every morning - and whenever there is an occassion.

The folk high schools have their own songbook. The songbook contains both some of the psalms written by Grundtvig and many other folk songs. A new edition of the songbook was published in 2006 and now contains 572 songs - both old and new, Danish, English and a few in German and Swedish as well as pop and rock songs and psalms.


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