Who are the students?

Who would take a course on a folk high school? Anyone above the age of 17½ years can attend a Folk High School (the three youth folk high schools admit students between 16½ and 19 years of age) - regardless of their educational background.

Hvorfor tage på højskole

The courses are meant to broaden general, social and democratic competences. This means that you can meet young people at the age of 18 who just finished high school; students at the universities taking a year off, 25-year-olds who still don't know what to do with their life, adults with an education exploring new sides of themselves etc.

Some schools do outline specific criteria for admittance to some of their courses - e.g. age. Please browse through the schools' websites to find out more.

Please be advised that most of the schools who accept international students either expect you to know some Danish or to speak English.

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