Long courses

Almost every folk high school in Denmark offers long courses. Here you have the opportunity to go in depth with your work, identify your skills and make new friends for life.

Hvad er et langt kursus

A long course on a folk high school varies from 8 to 40 weeks, but most of them last  for either four or five months. At long courses everyone above 17½ years old is welcome, but normally students are between 18 and 24 years old. At Youth folk high schools pupils are between 16½ and 19 years old.

You will find a wide range of folk high schools that offer long courses and there are subjects for every taste: sports, politics, creativity, outdoor life and much more. Choose between more than 300 different kinds of courses.


Prices - long courses

The average weekly price for attending a folk high school is DKK 1,300, but prices can vary from DKK 1000  to DKK 2500 depending on topics, materials, study trips etc.

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