Short courses

Short courses are ideal for you to engage in your interests. Spend a few weeks playing music or golf, creating art or poems, or enjoying nature or gastronomy.

Hvad er et kort kursus

You will not believe how many things you can manage to do in just two weeks. A short course is an intense way to enjoy the Danish folk high school. They are often used as an inspirational break from the daily life, as an adventure or an opportunity to meet new people and to do networking.

At short courses you will find people of all ages since it is the theme of the course that usually decides the target group. You have courses for the young, for adults even for families or grandparents with grandchildren. You will find that most courses take place during summer, but there are be short courses available during most of the year.

Another option is to attend a medium length course, which varies from four to seven weeks. These are available in parallel to the long courses at the folk high schools.


Prices - short courses

The average price for a 1-week course on a folk high school is DKK 4,500 and DKK 6,000 for a 2-week course. However, prices can vary depending on course type and season.

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