A folk high school is...

… a school where you live and learn together. There are no prerequisites, no exams, and no grades. Your motivation and interests are the main driving force.

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Corona briefing

The Danish folk high schools (with few exceptions) will open march 15.

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The folk high school - a graphic explanation

Sit back and let singer, actor and folk high school principal, Søren Launbjerg, unfold the concept of a Danish folk high school for you.

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10 lessons from the Folk High School

On the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the Danish folk high schools, the publisher Forlaget Højskolerne has published 10 Lessons from the Folk High School.

Global Folk High School Movement

Join the community of people from all around the world working professionally as folk high school practitioners, researchers or in other ways working with thoughts surrounding the special pedagogical praxis of the folk high school.

The Global Folk High School Movement was established during the International Folk High School Summit in September 2019.

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What's Denmark like?

There are 70 folk high schools spread out across Denmark's 16,576 square miles. But what is our little country with only 5,7 million inhabitants like?

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Courses & Subjects

The danish folk high schools offers learning opportunities in more than 300 different subjects.

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