The Green Folk High School

Do you dream of exploring nature and a more sustainable way of living? Cooking meals from what you have harvested yourself and going on outdoor adventures? Challenging yourself while being part of a community? Then 16 weeks at The Green Folk High School in the Faroe Islands might be the perfect opportunity for you. Read more here:

About the school

The Green Folk High School is rooted in nature and the resources around us. The focal points of the school are sustainability, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, community, and personal development. 

We learn about nature and explore its resources. Increasing our collective knowledge, we challenge and develop our individual attitudes and skills. 

We learn by trying things out and by asking questions - and by understanding the theory behind. The curriculum is tailored to the seasons and what nature, the weather, and the circumstances have to offer. The semester concludes with a project that you put your personal mark on. 

On the school, we live, learn, and work together. Students actively participate in both learning and daily operations, engaging with topics based on available materials. This collective effort not only promotes personal growth but also contributes to the school’s development.

The Autumn Semester 2024 is a unique opportunity for those between 18 and 25 years old. Join us on a journey towards a more sustainable future - and a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world. Link:

Our core subjects

Kayak and Canoe
Sustainabilty og Ecology
Outdoor Life
Hunting and Fishing
Nature and Environment

Courses and topics

Nordic Community

We explore the cultures of the various Nordic countries, our shared Nordic identity, and history, as well as what distinguishes each country

Food and Knowledge

Our starting point is local ingredients - we harvest, process, and prepare food from scratch. We engage all senses, while we both learn from the traditional crafts and test new innovative methods.

Self-sufficiency / Nature / Lifestyle

We explore self-sufficiency and sustainability, study nature and ecosystems, and integrate it into our lifestyle and resource management.

Outdoor Life, Hunting and Fishing, Outdoor and Adventure

Outdoor life is a major part of our daily routine - we harvest, fish, and hunt. We seek the extraordinary in survival trips and outdoor adventures.


Diversity enriches communities and nature. We explore our respect for differences and embrace the challenge. Everything we do aims to live ~ freely, beautifully, meaningfully, strongly, vibrantly, spiritually, independently, and sustainably.

Practical information

The Green Folk High School is located on the island of Sandoy in the
village of Sand. There are good bus connections to Tórshavn and from
there to the rest of the country.

The school is located in the beautiful old house Ísansgarður. Here, there is a new kitchen and a large common room where we eat and socialize.

Ísansgarður has 2-person rooms and a single 3-person room distributed
over 2 floors. There are bathrooms and toilets on each floor.

The Danish Kingdom Folk High School Scholarship: If you are from Greenland or Denmark and are between 18 and 25 years old, you can apply for a subsidy for the course. Find out more at:

Our current courses

Long courses

School Type

General and Grundtvigian Schools


The weekly rate at The Green Folk High School is DKK 1,500.

Additional fees will be charged for additional courses like for example taking a hunting license.

About accommodation

Accomodations: 12

Student Positions: 12 

The Green Folk High School has 12 student positions.


We go on several excursions around the country. 

We go on survival trips and camp outdoors. 


We cook food from what we harvest, catch, and procure - from local and/or organic ingredients - and we make good food. You have a big influence on the menu, and if you are vegetarian or have other dietary preferences, it can easily be accommodated.

Children at long-term courses

If you have a child on the course, there is an option for a place in the local kindergarten at the standard rate.

For further information write

Conference and rental facilities

The school has no rental facilities. However, the local community center, Virkið, has fine rooms and good accessibility.

Disabled facilities

Currently, the school has no handicap-friendly facilities.

Educational collaboration work

The Green Folk High School works closely with the association VELTAN, which will support the school with agricultural knowhow. 

VELTAN is a grassroots movement whose purpose is to expand knowledge of and experience with vegetable cultivation in the Faroe Islands. A Swedish gardener has just been hired to further strengthen the work of VELTAN. The project is facilitated by the Faroese government.

Contact school

The Green Folk High School
Heimasandsvegur 117, Sandur
FO- 210

Phone number: +298 272420
Manager: Følger Snart