Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole

See the world with new eyes. We are a Folk high school that provides both an extremely strong foundation in four Design disciplines (Visual Communication; Fashion and Textile Design; Furniture, Room and Product Design; Architecture), whilst also fostering diverse life skills.

About the school

Students live on campus allowing better focus, 24/7 access to the workshops and a unique social life.

What is a Folk high school?
Folk high school means no homework,  exams nor grades, but lots of hard work with passionate people. Read more on out website:

Vision - inspiration - experiment  - freedom - wondering - imagination - understanding - creativity - respect - design - innovation

Our core subjects

Preparation for admission to Art education
Graphic Design
Ceramics and Raku
Furniture Design
Product Design
Visual communication

Courses and topics

Practical information

- You're always welcome to pay us a visit. Contact us for more info

- Anyone can go to The Scandinavian Design College

- Single og double bedrooms, with showers and toilets on the hallways

- Stay for 20 weeks in the fall, 24 weeks in spring or 44 weeks for both

- Tasty and healthy food everyday

- Acess to workshops 24/7

- We speak Danish, but with lots of international students

- Happy times and party in the weekends

- Very open shcool. You live here and you make this your home

- NB! Once you've visited us. You probably want to come again


School Type

Specialised Schools

About accommodation

Accomodations: 85