Djurslands Folkehøjskole

Djurslands Folk High School is a folk high school for everyone - including people with developmental disabilities and handicaps, because we believe that everyone has the right to an awesome folk high school experience.

About the school

We cultivate the students' resources, provide them with victories and successes while simultaneously challenging them to make the most of their potential. We work to create a safe and vibrant daily life for our students, who come from all over the country.

At Djurslands Folk High School, we offer exceptional physical, human, and academic frameworks.

Life at Djurslands Folk High School is, of course, much more than subjects and schooling. There is always plenty of debate, projects, singing, and companionship with your new friends. You gain new experiences that alter routines and inspire a desire for positive changes - whether it's about a healthy lifestyle, learning a new subject, or moving forward in life.

Sounds exciting! So come and join us!

Our core subjects

Body and Mind
People with disabilities
Media Literacy

Courses and topics

At our high school, three core subjects are taught two days per week:

  • Music
  • Outdoor Activities & Sports
  •  Art

The rest of the week is tailored to your interests with a broad selection of elective subjects:

  • Dance and Theater Education: Unleash creativity on stage and explore the world of performing arts.
  • Youth Education: Stand strong as an adult with supportive teaching.
  • Cooking and Gardening: Enjoy cooking and nurture green spaces.
  • Visual Arts: Hone artistic skills and create visual works.
  • Connection with Nature: Dive into the beauty and significance of nature.
  • Creative Use of iPad: Explore digital forms of expression.
  • Maintenance Subjects: Contribute practically to the school environment.
  • Choir: Create harmonies and musical communities.
  • Movement and Body Awareness: Yoga and movement exercises for increased body awareness.
  • Cooking: Learn cooking and serve meals for the school. Sculpture: Master modeling and casting for three-dimensional artworks.

Practical information

It's always a good idea to visit the scool before deciding for at stay. Virtual tours can be arranged - just give us a call at +45 7529120.

School Type

General and Grundtvigian Schools


  • 2-week summer courses: 7.900 kr/total
  • Other courses shorter than 12 weeks: 1.900 kr/week
  • Courses longer than 11 weeks: 1.700 kr/week
  • Signup-fee/Deposit: 500 kr
  • Surcharge for single room: 500 kr/week
  • Personal care/assistance: 180 kr/hour

About accommodation

Accomodations: 55

All of our rooms have their own bathroom.

Most of our rooms are double rooms, but we have a few single rooms that can be booked with a surcharge.


Join our extended autumn program with an annual trip to beautiful Crete. Subjects also organize study tours to places like London, Berlin, and Samsø.

Note that these trips are optional and not included in regular fees.


Our food is mainly ecological and includes  fish, soup and vegetarian dishes on a weekly schedule.

On request we offer special diets suitable for vegetarians, diabetics, lactose-intolerants and gluten-allergics.

Disabled facilities

Most of the school are accessible for people with motoric-disabilities.

We stride to accomodate persons with mental disabilities during both education and time off.

Some rooms have accessible bathrooms.

We offer personal assistance on request.

Contact school

Djurslands Folkehøjskole
Drammelstrupvej 15
8400 Ebeltoft

Phone number: 87529120
Manager: Heidi Vølcker