The Faroese Folk High School

The Faroese Folk High School is the oldest folk high school on the islands, located in central Tórshavn. We offer a long autumn course, a shorter spring course, as well as weekend courses. The profile is performing and visual arts, writing and Faroese culture and language. Excursions around the Faroes are includesd in the course.

About the school

The long autumn course has the following subjects:

Performing arts, with a focus on proces work. This means, that you will work on voice, presence, physical awareness and self confidence. What you learn can be useful both if you attend to study performing arts and if you want to be better at oral exams, at giving a speech, at doing politics, and tyo have fun.

Visual arts, with a focus on basic techniques in drawing, painting, lino, ceramics and glass, as well as doing some big works together, like street art, wall paintings and installations. 

Writing, we try out different forms of writing, poetry, short stories, articles, songwriting, comic strips etc. Every year, a student paper is published. The students write, illustrate and edit the paper.

Nature and Culture, we do a few longer excursions around the Faroe Islands, but also visit natural sites, artists and crafts people, and social institutions. 

Every day begins at 9 am with morning stretch before breakfast. The lessons are from 10 am to 1 pm, and 2 pm to 5 pm. You will take part in the high school life, with practical duties, student meetings and social events.

The weekend courses are announced every year in December.

Our core subjects

Visual Arts
Preparation for admission to Art education
Preparation for Performing Arts Education

Courses and topics

The Autumn course is from August 16th to January 19th.

You apply on our homepage If you are from a country outside the Nordic region, please make sure to start your visa appication in good time, it often takes 3 months or more.

Tuition fee 3950 DKK/month for 6 months. This covers food and lodgeing, tuition, materials and excursions - you only need pocket money.

The spring course is March to May, and will be announced in the fall.

The weekend courses are announced in December each year on our homepage,


Haskuliavegur 14, 100 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Tel: +298 311743 (10 am - 2 pm on workdays)


Practical information

There are several daily flights from Denmark to the Faroes, The airport is an hour from the school, you can order a shuttle or take a bus. It is a good idea to book early.

If you want to come by both, check out

Please note, that if you come from a country outside Europe, you will need a transit visa as well as a student visa.

Our current courses

Short courses

Topic, 9. June - 11. June, 0 weeks

Long courses


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School Type

General and Grundtvigian Schools


Our school is small, we accept max 25 students per course.. There are still places available on all courses.

Students who are not residents in the Faroes must be over 18 at the beginning of the course.

You live in double rooms.

About accommodation

Accomodations: 25


The autumn course costs 3950 DKK/month for 6 months.

The tuition for the spring course will be announced in August.

Weekend courses cost 1100 kr if you are 24 or yonger, and 1800 kr if you are 25+.

Contact school

The Faroese Folk High School
Háskúlavegur 14

Phone number: +298311743
Manager: Hedvig Westerlund-Kapnas