Academy of Physical Education Ollerup

Academy of Physical Education, Ollerup, Denmark

About the school

The impact of sport on society is greater than ever before. Sport and physical education can be a tool for health and education as well as social and cultural development on local, national and international levels. Sport and especially Sport for All play a key role in society and have the democratic characteristics needed to promote an educational dimension in a holistic approach to human development. Our philosophy is based on the principles of inclusion, equity and sustainability - regardless of gender, social level, or religious and cultural background.

We work to highlight the importance of the contribution of international meetings through sport to the promotion of international solidarity and friendship among nations. Our aim is to develop fundamental social skills by combining fun, play and education through sport and recognise it as a potential contributor to a world of better understanding.


Our core subjects

Preparation for admission to police training
Rhythmic Gymnastics
Instructor Training
Project Management

Courses and topics

Practical information

At INTAC in Ollerup we prioritize the international dimension, and every year we receive many international students from all over the world. We are cooperating with universities, schools, special institutions, non-governmental organisations and international voluntary sports organisations.

INTAC puts these ideas into action, and we offer an internationally recognized International Youth Leader Education in cooperation with the worldwide Sport for All-organisation International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA).

We have contract with a few colleges/universities about the transfer of credits.

Students from many countries attend the courses at INTAC. 

In recent years we have had students from Germany,the Slovak Republic, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Japan,Malaysia, China, Estonia, New Zealand, Australia, Afghanistan, Thailand, Canada - and many other countries.

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Gymnastics & Sports Schools

About accommodation

Accomodations: 260

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Academy of Physical Education Ollerup
Svendborgvej 3
5762 Vester Skerninge

Phone number: 62 24 12 30
Manager: Thomas Smidt Dissing