Acts Academy

Do you want to know your purpose in life? Do you want to meet people from other cultures, to learn, be inspired and develop as a human being? Become part of Bible college Acts Academy. We are convinced that every person holds the keys to something great, and that it must be nurtured in an inspiring culture together with others..

About the school

At Bible college Højskolen Acts Academy we want to create an environment where people are inspired to live courageously, with greatness, with space for creativity and a desire to reach for the dreams that God placed in their hearts. We will foster leaders who provide space for development, to take initiatives and to take new paths.

We create impressions that change your expression and enable you to make imprints and inspire you to follow Jesus.

In God's eyes, all men are valuable and invited to a life with Him. At the same time, He has given the individual a responsibility to manage and develop the life and the abilities He has entrusted to us. Therefore, it is our belief that we must do our very best, contribute to the fellowship of believers and to spreading the kingdom of God on earth, by becoming the best version of ourselves

At Acts Academy we want to be known for quality and for doing the absolute best with what we have at our disposal

Our strenghts are "Theology, Leadership & Innovation, Communication & Storytelling and Creative lab"

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Our core subjects

Taught in English
Religious Knowledge
Creative Writing
Project Management
Light and Sound
Rhythmic Music

Courses and topics


We are creating new leaders. You learn about leadership, about being authentic, building dynamic teams, solving conflicts, creating and changing culture and bringing a vision from dream to reality. 

Communication & Storytelling
At Acts Academy, we will create a new generation of talented, trustworthy and inspiring gospel communicators. The society we know today, and the values we appreciate are shaped by people who managed to communicate and leave a lasting impact in writing and speech.

Creative Lab
It is intensive learning within the many expressions of praise of worship, stage performance, music creation, poetry, production, interaction and much more. Imagine that you have time to work with yourself and your talent. 

Biblical theology is providing an overview of the Bible, deeper studies of parts of it, and doctrine. The approach is life application.

Practical involvement and learning
Weekly involvement in local, relevant churches has high value. Furthermore, students take part in a number of church events in Denmark. 


Practical information

Our school is placed in a beautiful park with its own small lake and a view over the city and the fjord. Town centre or the nature surrounding Kolding is never far away.

Everyone is living in double rooms with a roomie, although single rooms are also optional. Toilet and showers are common. 

The kitchen serves healthy and very tasty meals of high quality. 

The practical work related to cleaning and kitchen is shared and done in cooperation. 

Would you like to pay a visit and meet the wonderful students and brilliant teachers, see our facilities and experience life at the school, you are more than welcome. You only need to pay the transport. We offer 2 days for free for you who has not yet been a student at our school. Please book your visit here


School Type

Christian or Spiritual Schools


Information about prices can be found here.

Please notice that for students from outside EU study visa is required. Please allow sufficient time for the proces. However, it all start by you contacting the school. 

About accommodation

Accomodations: 60

At the moment we are able to accommodate 60 students. 


When traveling it is our aim to work as closely as possible with local churches and organisations. It is when cultures meet and work together that mutual learning and inspiration can take place. Study trips in autumn and mission trips in spring.

Children at long-term courses

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Contact school

Acts Academy
Lykkegårdsvej 100
6000 Kolding

Phone number: 75 52 47 99
Manager: Lars Bo Olesen