Højskolen for Bevidsthedsudvikling

We are a Folkschool devoted to the development of consciousness, which implies that we research the nature of human consciousness, - what it contains and how it functions ultimately.

About the school

How can consciousness explore itself?

We won't discover anything if we don't examine it. But how do we do research into consciousness, when consciousness at the same time is the examining agent? How can it explore itself?
The answer is, that one turns the awareness inside towards the source of awareness, the source of the thinking process, the burning point from which all energy streams into our awareness and our body consequently. This is the original purpose of any meditation.

Our core subjects

Alternative Therapies
Personal Development
Visual Arts

Courses and topics

You will study

  • ·Maharishi Vedic Science - Gaining understanding of the full range of consciousness
  • ·Nordic Mythology - The Ancient Nordic teachings on Consciousness
  • ·How to ride the Tiger - Tools to handle stress
  • ·Wisdom of life from ancient cultures - A universal experience throughout the ages
  • ·The most recent research into consciousness - The modern picture of the universe
  • ·Ayurveda - The world's most ancient and most holistic health care system upgraded to its unique level by the contemporary Vedic seer Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  • ·Ayurvedic Cooking
  • ·The Creative Process - seen from the inside of the artist
  • ·The two Doors of Knowledge - Philosophy of life and direct experience of the unbounded.
  • ·The original and most Ancient Method for Planning a good Life - introduction to vedic astrology
  • ·Retreat and Action - And you will get the opportunity to dive deep within your inner force of creative silence.
  • ·Yogic Flying - records and most recent experiences
  • ·The Divine Experiment - Nordic cultural roots
  • ·Transcendental Meditation - And close contact with the creative dynamics of the human consciousness
  • ·Yoga, sport and daily exercise - and the most fresh air from woodland and beach

Practical information

Healthy food
Our skilled cooks are know for their healthy and delicious vegetarian dishes. We mainly use organic raw materials.

There is the possibility to use the high school WI-Fi in public areas.

Bed linen
Bed linen and towels can be rented at the school for 75,- DKK per week. You may also bring them yourself. In that case please bring an extra duvet cover for the yoga blanket.

Weekends off
Every 3rd weekend is a weekend off from Friday 4.00 pm to Monday 2.00 pm.

Free washing machines are provided.

Part of the teaching may be in English with translation into Danish.

Practical small jobs
As a course participant you will from time to time participate in small practical jobs at the school such as dish washing and cleaning.

Smoking and alcohol policy
It should be noted that the Folk School for the Development of Consciousness is alcohol-free and that smoking is only allowed outdoors.

School Type

Lifestyle Schools

About accommodation

Accomodations: 40

Contact school

Højskolen for Bevidsthedsudvikling
Havnevej 3, Havnsø
4591 Føllenslev

Phone number: 59 91 92 93
Manager: Ole Blenkov