Kalø Højskole

Welcome to Kalø! Danish Language, Culture and Nature.

About the school

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Kalø Højskole is a danish folk high school located in some of the most beautiful nature in Danmark. We are surrounded by sea, forest and small hills. We offer a course in Dansk Sprog og Kultur (Danish Language and Culture) and we get students each year form all continents. We teach danish in several levels - starting from level 1 with beginners to our highest level with more advanced danish.

Possibility for internships in local businesses, schools or organisations. 

Our core subjects

Sustainabilty og Ecology
Preparation for admission to outdoor education
Outdoor Life
Hunting and Fishing
Kayak and Canoe
Ceramics and Raku

Courses and topics

Elective classes: 

  • I form (Sports, croos fit, running, yoga etc)
  • Outdoor (Kayaking, hiking, climbing etc)
  • Art and culture (Photographing, music, drawing etc)

Practical information

The school is located in beautiful surroundings near the sea and vast expanses of woods with excellent public transport to the towns of Aarhus, Grenå, Randers and Ebeltoft.

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School Type

General and Grundtvigian Schools


25 week courses (spring 2025)

Danish Language and Culture: 48.800 kr all inclusive

19 week courses (autumn 2025)

Danish Language and Culture: 38.600 kr all inclusive

About accommodation

Accomodations: 80

Single or doublerooms


On "Dansk Sprog og Kultur" you can choose to go on a study trip abroad. Experience culture at first hand in Berlin and the stunning nature in Czech Republic or Norway. 

Contact school

Kalø Højskole
Skovridervej 1
8410 Rønde

Phone number: 86 37 12 86
Manager: Kenneth Degnbol