ISI Sports High School

At ISI we love sports. Here, you get a chance to develop yourself - as a person and within the sport you are passionate about. We want to inspire you to nurture dreams, community and curiosity - and prepare you to face the World. At ISI Idrætshøjskole you can choose between Fitness and nutrition, Football, Footballcoach, Handball and Handballcoach.

About the school

Life is ISI

ISI springs from the dynamic sports community in Midtjylland where the school is located. ISI consists of a sports boarding school and a course and events department. Sport is the foundation of our entire school and of all of the activities at ISI.

ISI Sports High School and ISI Sports Boarding School  both offer a number of attractive sports courses, which, coupled with our unique facilities and our strong relationship with the local sports clubs, makes a stay at ISI unique.

Our instructors are, apart from being highly qualified, also dedicated teachers, and they are all part of daily life at ISI.

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Our core subjects

Weight Training
Instructor Training
Preparation for admission to Teacher Education

Courses and topics

Lots of opportunities

At ISI, you can choose between five branches of sport - any of which you furthermore have the option to combine with two course programmes.

Our main sports are:

Practical information


We have unique facilities for main sport and in terms of accommodation and daily life at the school.


At ISI you will live with a roommate in one of our modern two or three person ensuite dorm rooms. All the rooms were constructed in 2007/2008 and look both new and presentable.

The room is the base you can retreat to when you are not making use of the school's many other facilities.

Sports Facilities:

At the school you will have the ideal famework to practise your sport and test your talent in new areas.

All ISI's facilities are within 500 meters of the school.



You can choose between:

  • 19 week course in the autumn
  • 24 week course in the spring
  • 43 week course in the automn and spring


Welcome to ISI Idrætshøjskole

School Type

Gymnastics & Sports Schools


Registration fee: DKK 3,000, -

Weekly Price: DKK 1.550, -

In addition, expenses for travel, specific sports, etc. Read more on our website

About accommodation

Accomodations: 60

Community is the essence of ISI. Here you have the chance to meet new friends for life. Your everyday life will match your interests and what you are passionate about.



  • Outdoor trip in Denmark
  • Trip to Club La Santa Sport on Lanzarote.
  • Sport days in Denmark or abroad


  • Trip to Uganda
  • Sport days in Denmark or abroad

Contact school

ISI Sports High School
Hagelskærvej 40
7430 Ikast

Phone number: 97 25 24 99
Manager: Torben Østergaard