Jyderup Højskole

Jyderup Folk High School is situated in a castle in the forest, but not far from the Copenhagen. We offer seven main courses: Live Music, Electronic Music, Green Guerilla (green activism and gardening), Outdoors in Natur, Danish Language and Culture, Writing School and Fine Art. We relate to the world around us, and take part in local life.

About the school

Jyderup Folk High School is situated in a castle in a forest in the beautiful nature of north-west Zealand, only one hour  from the capital Copenhagen. 

Focus, relations and surroundings

Jyderup Folk High School is a small cultural school that works with art, culture and society. We wish students to immerse themselves in their main subjects, to meet each other in social gathering and to lift their eyes on the outside world.

Professional and practical teaching

We have a high level of professionalism and strong competencies within the subjects we offer. All our teachers in the artistic subjects are self-performing artists next to their work at school. In addition, the school regularly invites Danish and international artists and guest teachers to workshops or lectures.

We want to give our students the opportunity to be a part of the surrounding community with their art or other projects. Therefore, we collaborate with artists, galleries, organizations and local businesses. For example, we regularly have open stage arrangements in the village, exhibitions at the local gallery, concerts or visits to sustainable first movers in agriculture and ecology.

Our core subjects

Visual Arts
Ceramics and Raku
Sustainabilty og Ecology
Outdoor Life
Electronic Music
Creative Writing

Courses and topics

Main Courses 


Focus on your own music and learn about composing, producing and performing. 

Author School (Danish only)

Do you want to be a writer? End up with  a finished product as a writer.

Fine Art 

We focus on painting, graffiti, graphics, sculptures and workshops with different artists. 

Danish language and culture

This course in Danish language and culture at Jyderup Folk High School is recommended if you wish to learn more about Denmark and gain insight into the language, history, culture and position in an international context

Green Guerilla

Are you dreaming of starting your own eco village community or are your fingers itching to start a green revolution?

Practical information


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At a high school you are part of a community. Every morning we start with a morning gathering. We sing a few songs and hear a presentation from a teacher or student. Every Wednesday there is a student meeting where you discuss everything from students’ bar, party committee or each other. We have joint courses, joint excursions and events such as concerts, lectures and other happenings in the evenings or in the weekend.


At Jyderup Højskole food is important and we have a skilled chef who, together with his helpers, cooks and bakes for us every day. It's important for us to cook after the season's green, use the leftovers instead of throwing them away and eat less meat. See the kitchens Instagram @kokkenjyderuphojskole.

Your room

You share a room with another student of the same gender, unless you have chosen a single room. The room is your home while you are here so you are welcome to take posters, plants or anything else that can make it your room.


  • Wi-Fi throughout the house, but bring your own computer.
  • Lake and forest outside the door.
  • Wood fired sauna.
  • Fireplace and climbing tree.
  • Two kayaks.
  • Vegetable garden

School Type

General and Grundtvigian Schools


Ordinary Student - DKK 1550 per week.
(Danish language and culture DKK 1600)
Incl. food,accomodation and teaching.

Dagselev - 1100 kr. Per week.
(Danish language and culture 1200 DKK)
Incl. teaching

About accommodation

Accomodations: 55


We cook after the season's greens, use the leftovers instead of throwing them away and eat less meat. We happily meet your special needs such as vegan or vegetarian diets or allergies. Ask in the kitchen, and we will sort it out.

Children at long-term courses

We do not recommend taking children to the high school because we do not have suitable facilities and space for children and family life.

Disabled facilities

Jyderup Højskole is housed in an old castle and unfortunately does not offer suitable facilities for the disabled.

Contact school

Jyderup Højskole
Sølystvej 2
4450 Jyderup

Phone number: 59 22 44 80
Manager: Gert Møller Jensen