Løgumkloster Højskole

We believe that together we can create hope and action in a time that calls for sustainability. We put body, mind and community into play to examine what motivates us to contribute to society and how the individual best can take leadership in their own life and take part in a community.

About the school

Løgumkloster Højskole is an ordinary folk high school. We are centered in the pulsating border region where danish, german and frisian culture has existed side by side in centuries, and created an oppurtunity for personal blossoming. This place is where the cistercian monks established 800 years ago. Their simple but beautiful ways of life are now being carried into the present. We are inspired by their will to withstand from the stress of the world, their spiritual connection to the present and their strong brotherhood. We are also inspired by their openness, their welcoming behaviour and their sharing nature.

Our task is to create presence, community og will to live by reaching backwards into history and learning from older generations with a new and critical perspective.

Folk high school for everyone. We want to reflect the local community - all of Denmark. We are open for everyone: Gamers, dancers, peacelovers, immigrants, minorities and handicapped! All are welcomed with open arms.


Our core subjects

Sustainabilty og Ecology
Creative Writing
Ceramics and Raku

Courses and topics

Longer courses:

Our 7 majors of study are based on philosophy, psychology, danish culture, gardening, self-understanding and internationality and supplemented by a number of elective subjects, which fall within the categories #Self-Supply, #Body, #ArtAndCreativity, #LanguageIdentity.

Read more at: https://www.logumklosterhojskole.dk/fag-og-skema

Side subjects:

Sculpture, Collage, Watercolor, Build up, Furniture cycling, Electronics or clothing, monastery-garden, Daily bread, Beer brewing, Introduction to Music production, Commercial music production, Talk and eat, plant and eat, Crossfit outside, Massage, Yoga, Therapy-garden, Ceramics, Writing, Choir, Drawing, Desire, Shame and high heels, Understanding Art, Salsa, Modern Dance, Body, Gender and Identity, Journalism.


Shorter courses:

We thematize various important topics that are up to date - from the Borderland and reunification, to the election in the USA. Otherwise, we run short courses (up to 4 weeks) with existential angles on nature and life as a human being in today's society.

See more here: https://www.logumklosterhojskole.dk/kkurser

Practical information

Classic Nordic features.

The rooms are decorated by Børge Mogensen. Common to all facilities is that solid materials have been used and architecturally the højskole is iconic in relation to the clean and functional style of the 60s. Everything appears with the characteristics of this period. The school is a piece of unique architecture. Wherever you look around, it's the classic Nordic features that recur.

There are 52 rooms divided into 41 single rooms and 11 double rooms

There are fine living rooms, music studio, library pottery workshop and grand pianos in all living rooms and classrooms. Gym hall and atrium courtyard. There is a dining hall and concert hall for 120 people.

Medieval garden
Around the school is a 14,000 m2 garden with old beautiful planting, which we are transforming into a lush medieval garden according to sustainable permaprins. Here there is room for gardening, outdoor teaching, theater, mindfulness and contemplation while you soak up the colors, the scent, the wind and the sun. There is room for ball games and wild games on the meadow towards the monastery.

School Type

General and Grundtvigian Schools


The short oneweeks courses are 4750 dkk for a shared room and 5250 dkk in a single room accomodation.


About accommodation

Accomodations: 62

We have room for 62 students/guests.


As a sustainable højskole, will we only travel in Europe and only by public transport.

A longer course includes a hiking trip and a self-organized Europe trip: Plastic change in Greece or organic wine production in France. Your call.


Our kitchen is well-fit for both vegetarians, vegans and allergies.

Children at long-term courses

If you need to take a child on a longer course, please contact principal Ursula Dieterich-Pedersen: 2092 9993

Disabled facilities

The whole school is accessible for the disabled.

Contact school

Løgumkloster Højskole
Brorsonsvej 2
6240 Løgumkloster

Phone number: 74 74 40 40
Manager: Ursula Dieterich-Pedersen