Musik og Teaterhøjskolen

BREAK THE RHYTHM - pursue your dreams and have them positively disturbed - look for yourself and discover you are someone else - break the rhythm and find the melody! Creativity-creating processes within the framework of the folk high school. You will quickly sense the embracing and committed community atmosphere.

About the school

We have three main gates that you can enter through, which share common lessons and have common cornerstones.

MUSIC - focus on Singing or another Instrument outside the body.

MUSIC PRODUCTION  - immerse yourself in Electronic Music, Sound Production, Songwriting and Composition.

STAGE ART c- devote yourself to Theater and New Circus.


A jumble of creative togetherness where leisure and teaching cannot necessarily be separated.

This is Music & Teaterhøjskolen!

Here we try to comprehend the world through a wondering approach; we do so by grasping life because we are gripped by living.


At the folk high school, you experience a completely unique community. You simply get a group of people into life that you will get to know for the rest of your life most likely. Folk high school is here and now and at the same time also a wonderful network. It is amazing to experience - and sometimes you only become really aware of it on the the edge to end; just like it is with so many other experiences in life…

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Our core subjects

Electronic Music
Audio Engineering
Rhythmic Music

Courses and topics

Open the door to immersion in the secrets of music as well as the development of your instrument and / or your voice.

You gain insight into and understanding of the collaboration between different instruments. You will gain insight into developing an overview of the instrument and its possibilities. 

Create your own sound! In the nature of rhythmic music lies an ability, desire and source of change and lurks; a bubbling and bubbling urge to get tunes back and forth. You're doing something you think is cool - something you mean something by!

You will experience and co-create the magic of the stage stretched on the Theater and New Circus lines. The two lines work with the stage expression, impression and imprint, and are captured through different processes and productions - on the individual line separately and together.

GATE SUBJECTS unites the line subjects that are related
KNOWLEDGE SUBJECTS - you become proficient in a skill
SPIRITUAL SUBJECTS - we reflect, debate and talk about various topics
COMMON SUBJECTS are joint gatherings, high school evenings etc.

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Practical information

Musik og Teaterhøjskolen was established in 1984 and is housed in a converted dairy. We have 500 sqm. theater hall with professional lighting equipment, costume cellar, wig collection and make-up room as well as well-equipped music rooms, which are available to students 24/7.

Across the lines
As all our line subjects focus on working with different forms of artistic expression, there is ample opportunity to make interdisciplinary, unique and inspiring collaborations across the lines both for everyday life, in intensive periods, in connection with joint projects and tours.

 Student Association for former students is called 'GlemmerDetAldrig' [never forgetting this] and this is certainly not without good reason.

School Type

Specialised Schools



Admission fee incl. bank fee 2,290 DKK
School fee for tuition, board and lodging is per week 1,990 DKK

Regarding possible scholarship for international students, contact:

About accommodation

Accomodations: 65

We have around 65 students per semester.
Most of our students live in double rooms with one roomie of the same gender.


Presently, we have not scheduled any study trips.


We are concerned about sustainability - both in relation to vitamins, nature, body, local environment - stomach and eyes. Thus, we like to serve plant-based diets. Preferably locally produced sustainable foods.

Food is for the eyes, stomach and soul.

Children at long-term courses

Please contact our school regarding this topic.

Conference and rental facilities

Rental for day / evening events such as meetings, conferences or lectures and the like. Accommodates 350 seated people in the big theater hall. In addition, several smaller meeting rooms. Rental of facilities also possible.

Disabled facilities

Please contact our school regarding this topic.

Contact school

Musik og Teaterhøjskolen
Herrestedgade 8
6520 Toftlund

Phone number: 74 83 01 04
Manager: Sascha Haunstrup Qvortrup