Nordfyns Højskole

Nordfyns Højskole is a smelting pot of culture and life affirmation. The school has roots in both Grundtvig and Japan. Our focus is on the opportunities to create, develop, and discover change in a strong community. Nordfyns is friendships and community. It is diversity, wondering, experiments, closeness and laughter.

About the school

When we don’t need to worry about our own worth, we can use our energy to be someone for others.

There is a special atmosphere when you are on the school grounds. We call Nordfyns Højskole a 'slow world', because we value the present moment, in a world characterized by stress, the fear of wasting time and of missing out. We value the opportunity to immerse ourself in conversation, spend time wondering and reflecting, being aware of ourselves, our surroundings and relationships. Everyone has the option to be curious, to play, and to take responsibility for the balance in one self, in others, for the planet and the World.

At Nordfyns Højskole you become part of a diverse, international environment with focus on equity and the meeting between people across nationality, culture, social background and capabilities.

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Our core subjects

Sustainabilty og Ecology
Nature and Environment
International Course
Project Management
Study Trips (more than 2 weeks)
Kayak and Canoe

Courses and topics

At Nordfyns Højskole you get to mix and match your own schedule from our main subjects (A- and B-subjects) and our elective subjects (C- and D-subjects). The approach to learning is playful, explorative and driven by excitement. All of our teachers are passionate and committed to the subjects they teach, but the good learning experience happens in the collaboration with just as curios and committed students.

When you sign up you choose your A- and B-subject and when you arrive at the school you will decide on your C- and D-subject


WorldCampNordfyn: Global citizenship and cultural exchange through debate and dialogue 

Life Education: Focus on learning, pedagogy and psycology.

Climate Action: Explore, understand and debate the climate crisis

SPORT: Try out different sports in a strong community

SOSU: Danish society, democracy and welfare system



Global Outlook: Expanded outlook and deeper understanding of the Global World

Personal Leadership: Personal understanding and leadership

Nature and Kayaking: Join us in getting back to nature

Practical Sustainability: New building style, lifestyle and food production


Practical information

Nordfyns Højskole might be the embodyment of Danish 'hygge' 

Nordfyns Højskole is a cosy, village højskole situated in Harritslev outside of the small town Bogense on Funen. It is easy to get to the school using the bus from Odense. The school main building is the old village public school build in 1914. From the mainbuilding the school has grown to include the sorrounding village houses and additional new buildings for student housing. This makes the school seem like a small village as it stands with its different, manyshaped, and diverse buildings.

We add great value on students influence and when you move around the school you will discover traces and additions to the builidngs, the art, and the culture from former students. 

Besides the cosy dining hall, the assembly hall and the students housing the school is among other things made up of the gym, jewelry workshop, music room and the lovely kithen garden. Behind the school you find a multi sports field, volley pitch, football field and if you explore the grounds you will find the to shelter and campfire grounds. 

School Type

General and Grundtvigian Schools


Shared room with showers in the hall: 1650 dkk per week

Shared room with shower ensuite: 1950 dkk per week

Single room: 1950 dkk per week

We have a limited amount of single rooms contact us at for more information.

About accommodation

Accomodations: 75

We got room for 75 students.

You can choose to live in a single or shared room.

If you want to learn Danish, we recommend a shared room with a danish roommate :)


The purpose of all of our studytrips is to create and nurture a deeper understanding of the world we are a part of. Focus is culturemeetings through four different lenses; political, culture capital, active in nature and lifeskills. Read more here.


Our kitchen cares about sustainability and ecology, and makes food with products from the local neighbourhood.

If you are allergic, vegetarian or other, the kitchen will prepare special meals for you.

Contact school

Nordfyns Højskole
Fælledvej 11
5400 Bogense

Phone number: 64 81 32 80
Manager: Babak Fadavi Kornerup