Nordfyns Højskole

At Nordfyns Højskole we believe that you can do a difference, both in your own life and for others. At Nordfyns Højskole you put yor own Schedule together, so it fits your interests and wishes. That way you can strengthen your qualifications and resume.

About the school

Opportunities of life

At Nordfyns Højskole you will explore opportunities of your life - you are moving.
In our community you will find confidence and love so that you will be able to set up new goals for your life. You also learn to take care, open up and learn from others. At our school we focus on your potentials. We will meet you with respect and a great interest.

Friends for life.

At our school you will get friends - for some students it will last whole life. New friends make a new meaning of life - at the same time it will create new meaning for you. Being together with students from most of the world gives you great learning opportunities of different cultures and mentalities. 

Choose your own subjects.

At Nordfyns Højskole you choose one A subject and one B subject. That way you have influence on your own schedule and learning, and get what is in your interest.

Besides the A and B subjects we have optional subjects that you choose when you come to the School. That could be sports, craft or discussion subjects.

Nordfyns Højskole is an energetic and committed School, and we are most happy when you are happy :)

Our core subjects

Preparing for Secondary education
Kayak and Canoe
Study Trips (more than 2 weeks)

Courses and topics

At Nordfyns we teach in these main subjects:

At Nordfyns Højskole you are in charge of your own Schedule.
That means that before you start here you should choose one A subject and one B subject you wish to have.
The A- and B-subjects are:


  • WorldCampNordfyn - 12 weeks at the School and 12 weeks out in the world as volunteer. Get good NGO skills and boost your resume.
  • Danish Language and Culture – Learn to speak Danish and learn about the Danish culture – You will learn what the word “hygge” means.
  • Personal Leadership – how do you become a good leader? Get the tools to become a good leader and get a ggod insight about yourself.
  • SOSU – Learn about the unique Danish Welfare System. You will learn about the interaction between the professional social- and health helpers /assistants and patients, handicapped and old people.
  • HCA Kindergarten Learning - Focus will be on interpretation of Andersen’s fairy tales into existential and educational perspectives to use in kindergartens.
  • Eco-Village - To learn about the function and design of ecovillages, reinventing organizations.


Practical information

Here we are situated

Nordfyns Højskole Is a cosy folk high school placed in the village Harritslev outside Bogense on Fyn. The school is in a former villlage school from 1914. New student flats are built inside the campus and there is room for 75 students on mainly dobble and single rooms.

School Type

General and Grundtvigian Schools


The price for the stay depends on which subjects you choose.

You can see the price at the bottom of each subject.

Sometimes we can offer a discount. Contact us at for more information.

About accommodation

Accomodations: 75

We got room for 75 students.

You can live in a single or double room.

If you want to learn Danish, we recommend a double room with a danish roommate :)


We offer unique oppportunities with Nordfyns Højskole. You can take our course WorldCampNordfyn where you stay 12 weeks at the School and then travel to Japan or Africa to be a volunteer in an NGO organisation.

We also have study trips in Europe


Our kitchen cares about sustainability and ecology, and makes food with products from the local neighbourhood.

If you are allergic, vegetarian or other, the kitchen will prepare special meals for you.

Contact school

Nordfyns Højskole
Fælledvej 11
5400 Bogense

Phone number: 64 81 32 80
Manager: Thomas Trier