Odder Højskole

Odder Højskole is a Danish Folk High School with an international perspective, and we have great experience in offering academic and social experiences to international students. The Danish name for a folk high school is ‘folkehøjskole’. It’s a boarding school, mainly for young adults. This means that you live together with 100 other young people.

About the school

A Folk High School in the Heart of Denmark

Our location in the geographical center of Denmark offers everything your heart desires with regard to culture and nature: beautiful forests and lovely beaches and Denmark's second largest city, Aarhus, very close by.

If you want an experience for life and if you want to experience a Danish Folk High School at its best then come to Odder!

Odder Højskole was founded in 1889. You study, live, eat, sleep and create a beautiful experience together with 90-100 other students.

We do not represent a unilateral political or religious orientation, and we know from experience that a high professional level in a confident atmosphere gives great results.

Freedom to learn - freedom to explore

A stay at Odder Højskole gives you a possibility to move on in life - in education, in your professional life and personally. A stay at Odder Højskole combines the vocational education with personal and social experiences.

It is an education without exams but filled with substance.

Our core subjects

Body and Mind

Courses and topics

Create Your Own Schedule

More than 80 percent of our subjects have classes in English, and therefore we can offer international students a wide and attractive range of subjects that you can read about here. You can chose between eight different main schools:

No matter what school you chose as your primary, you will be able to mix it with subjects from all the other schools. In that way you can create your own, personal schedule. 

Subjects that will be taught in English or English/Danish:  

You can read much more about our subjects here.

Practical information

Odder Højskole is situated in Odder, a middle-sized town on the East coast of Jutland 20 km south from Denmark's second largest town, Aarhus (300.000 inhabitants). Odder is the geographical centre of Denmark.

Odder Højskole was build in 1889 and since then it has been renovated, modernised and a lot of new buildings have emerged. In 2013 a new student wing and a new music studio was build. Odder Hojskole is surrounded by a beautiful park and you find both forests and lovely beaches nearby.

The school has an assembly hall, a big gym, music house, large design and art facilities, several film editing rooms, fitness room and a beach volley court.

Most of our student rooms have their own bathrooms.

School Type

General and Grundtvigian Schools


Autumn 2024 and Spring 2025

  • School fee per week = 1,845 DKK
  • Application fee = 1,500 DKK
  • Fee for materials = 2,000 DKK

Read more about study fees here.

About accommodation

Accomodations: 106

You can read more about Odder Hojskole's facilities and student rooms here.


At every stay we have a study trip - usually to a large European city (this trip is included in the weekely school fee)

Besides the study trip, we offer study travel which usually is ran extension of a stay at Odder Hojskole.



Read more about Odder Hojskole's amazing kitchen here.