Uldum Folk High School

Are you new to Denmark? Are you studying Danish in another country? Why not try a course at Uldum Folk High School?

About the school

About Uldum Folk High School

The Folk High School system is unique to Scandinavia and was started here in Denmark over 150 years ago. These residential schools provide young Danes with an opportunity to extend their education in directions not included in the usual school curriculum, and without the pressure of exams. At Uldum High School we welcome students from other lands to share that opportunity, while improving their knowledge of Danish language and culture. Social contact with the Danish students will complement the classroom and workshop learning.

The town of Uldum, with its environs, is home to a close-knit and friendly community of some 1200 inhabitants. It nestles in a typical Danish landscape of rich farmland and gentle wooded slopes. There is easy access to the larger towns of Vejle and Horsens, and Denmark¤s second city, Aarhus, is less than an hour¤s drive away. Central to the community¤s image of itself is the Folk High School.

Our core subjects

Danish for Foreigners
Outdoor Life
Ceramics and Raku
Study Trips (more than 2 weeks)

Courses and topics

The following subjects are offered at Uldum High School :

- Sport and outdoor activities

- Music

- Painting, pottery, jewellery and other crafts

- Theatre and dance

- Leadership training

- Society and politics

- Psychology and philosophy

- Language and communication

Whether you want to develop your creative, social or spiritual self, Uldum Folk High School is the place for you. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

All teaching is conducted in Danish and Danish students are in a majority. So some previous knowledge of the language is required. Both staff and students, however, are used to mixing with students from a variety of countries and cultures, and are eager to help anyone who shows an interest in our country. All the teachers and many of the students speak English.

Your major subject will, of course, be Danish, for 6 or 9 hours a week, according to your needs. You will, however, be expected to choose at least three other subjects from our curriculum, which you will study in company with your new Danish friends.

On our courses, the Danish students are usually young people aged from about 18 to 25 who have recently completed a course of formal school education.

Practical information

At Uldum High School we are proud of our rich traditions, and of our modern outlook and fine facilities. The school was founded in 1849 by Rasmus Sørensen, a local educationist with a burning faith in the untapped potential of ordinary people.

It now boasts accommodation, in comfortable one- and two- bed study rooms, for up to 90 students. A variety of attractive communal rooms provides ample space for students to relax and interact in their leisure time. There is a well-equipped gym, with a 25-metre swimming pool, a modern music studio with recording facilities, and workshops for ceramics and silversmithing.

Students are encouraged to explore their own beliefs and attitudes in politics, philosophy and religion. The school has a double motto: "Freedom to be different" and "Learn to be yourself but never to be self-satisfied."


School Type

General and Grundtvigian Schools

About accommodation

Accomodations: 100

Contact school

Uldum Folk High School
Højskolebakken 11
7171 Uldum

Phone number: 75 67 82 11
Manager: Kurt Willumsen