Ungdomshøjskolen ved Ribe

Ungdomshøjskolen ved Ribe is a Danish youth folk high school for students between the ages of 16 to 19. We are a school where opinions are discussed, broken down and redeveloped, and many young people get an aha-experience trough the meeting with the danish culture - both Danes and international students.

About the school

See your stay her as a learning-pitstop
Back in the day, when the first high schools appeared in Denmark, it was an honor and a privilege to attend a folk high school to become learned and enlightened. Today the time at a folk high school is more seen as a break and a pitstop away from exams, books and the stress of an ordinary school.

While attending the school you will follow subject you find interesting, try new things, experience a new culture and gain new friends for life. Your days at the school will be filled with joy, laugher and a community felling. We try to include you as a student in the decision-making at the school, both trough the subject "Democracy in practice" but also through different committees.

We try to live by these values:

  • A school for everyone
  • Curiosity and life education
  • Dialogue
  • Responsibility

Our mission

At UHR we see it as our mission to help you as young person, to find clarification of who you are and what is important in your life. You should at UHR fell seen, heard and as a unique human being in a committing community.

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Our core subjects

Sustainabilty og Ecology
Preparing for Secondary education
Media Literacy

Courses and topics

You will trough togetherness, experiences and classes with professional teaching and room for contemplation, fell the pleasure disapear. You will express your opinions, educate yourself and become a free and independent human/citizens.


We have subject for everybody - no matter what your interests are. We have electives within:


Our classrooms, music studios, gaming room, gym and fitness are open from morning to evening, so you are more than welcome to use the rooms in your spare time and between classes. Daytrips, study trip, parties etc. are also part of your time at the school.


Learn Danish language

As a part of your course at Ungdomshøjskolen ved Ribe, you can choose to learn Danish language. We offer classes in both the autumn and the spring semester.


Student counsling

Further we have student guidance at the school, to help you find you path in life. So you should see your stay as a supplement to the education which is important for you to get, and you will receive a diploma when your course at UHR ends. If a written statement is needed, we can certainly make this also.

Practical information

We are located in the countryside of western Jutland right in the National park Waddensea. Our nearest town is one of the oldest I Denmark called Ribe, with a cozy and amazing atmosphere. From Ribe, you can go everywhere in Denmark with train.

At the school, we have room for around 80 students, which live in four different wings with the common areas a central meeting point at the school.

Our course have a duration of either 19, 25 or 44 weeks and start in August or January. Please contact the school if you have interest in applying or questions about economy.

Read more  here, or please write kontoret@uhr.dk if you have any questions 

Contact school

Ungdomshøjskolen ved Ribe
Skole Alle 1
6760 Ribe

Phone number: 75 44 50 04
Manager: Lone Hee