How we use your pictures

We take good care of the pictures you share with us.

We store your picture for 30 days and use it as part of the campaign Life isn’t the same without the Danish folk high schools. Your picture will appear in collages among at least eight other pictures.

The collages are mainly used at, on our social media platforms (Instagram, facebook) or as print on posters and banners. 

The pictures will be automatically deleted after 30 days. Should you regret having shared a picture with us or do you not want it used for collages, send an email to

I don’t want Højskolerne to use my picture

If you press that button, we don’t get your picture.

Save your picture on your desktop and use it yourself

We recommend that you save your picture on your phone or computer and upload it to your own social media platforms. If you like, you can add a story from your stay at a Danish folk high school, that relates to the picture.

You keep all rights to use your own picture. The Association of Folk High Schools in Denmark (FFD) disclaims all responsibility for pictures that you do not have the right to use.

Read more about the campaign here 

Thank you for sharing. Let’s spread the word together.  

Examples of use

Your picture will always appear among at least eight other pictures, made into a collage as shown below. Typically, we use the pictures on social media platforms, mostly Instagram and Facebook.  We also print them on banners and posters to hang on buildings, and on our tent at Folkemødet (The People’s Meeting).

We hope to see you as one of the Danish folk high schools’ many faces!