Second term

It is possible to stay for a second term at a folk high school of your choice (given that you are accepted by the specific school that you wish to attend). Depending on your country of origin, different rules and conditions apply.

Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden and Finland)

Citizens of Nordic countries are free to reside in Denmark without further documentation for as long as they wish. You can enter Denmark without a passport, but since you must be able to identify yourself if required, we advise you to bring e.g. a passport/driver's license or a bank card.


EU/EEA countries

Citizens of EU/EEA countries who wish to reside and/or study in Denmark for a period of more than 6 months must apply for a registration certificate under the EU rules at the Regional State Administration in Denmark. The application must be submitted within three months after the entry into Denmark.

Furthermore, EU  citizens/EEA nationals must be able to identify themselves and prove their nationality, if the Danish police so request. EU citizens/EEA nationals who want to go to Denmark must, therefore, bring their passport or national ID card.

To learn more about conditions under which the registration certificates are issued, and what documents you might need, please click here.


Other countries

If you are from a country outside the EU/EEA, and you are already holding a residence permit for the purpose of attending a course at a folk high school, you can apply for an extension of your residence permit up to a maximum stay of 18 months. The 18 months can be spent on courses at different folk high schools, either as one course of 18 consecutive months, or as more separate courses.

The application for extension of the residence permit can be forwarded during a legal stay in Denmark, but it must be forwarded 2 months before the existing residence permit expires. Otherwise you will have to return to your home country and start over the process.

In order to maintain the residence permit it is a condition that you follow the educational programme of the school actively. If this is not the case, the Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment can revoke your residence permit. The school is obliged to inform the Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment if you are not actively participating in the school's activities.



When you apply for an extension of your residence permit, please make sure that your passport is valid. The Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment can revoke or refuse to extend your temporary residence permit if you do not hold a valid passport or other travel documents.

Furthermore, please note that your residence permit can only be extended up to three months prior to the expire of your passport. In other words, if your passport expires in 12 months, your residence permit can only be extended by nine months. If you hold an expired national passport (i.e. a passport from your country of origin), the diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate general) of your country of origin will renew it.

All official information can be found here.