Democratic Education

Should we empower the youth to lead the way or what is democratic citizenship building today?

To be a part of and take part in society has been – and still is – one of the main values in the folk high school tradition.

It emphasizes the social responsibility which the schools are based on. From school to school the pedagogical approach to democratic education and citizenship building are practised differently, but the overall aim is the same: to engage students in a binding community through popular education and life enlightenment.

Today democracy cannot be taken for granted and it faces different challenges caused by changes in society. Antidemocratic movements are on the rise as are political distrust. Where does that leave the folk high schools in terms of democratic education?

In this main subject we will explore the ideas of democratic education today and different approaches in terms of educating a new generation of democrats.

Through theoretical discussions, practical examples and by sharing experiences from all over the world, we will examine the terms of democratic education and ask ourselves what role the folk high school movements should play in the future.

Imrad Zulkarnine will be one of the speakers and will share his experiences with youth in Bangladesh and his work to engage the local community.