International folk high school summit 2019


The summit was held 23rd - 28th September in Denmark. 
Practitioners, researchers and promotors gathered to build relationships, learn about new ideas and sketch proposals for future action.

The summit created a new international network of folk high schools

Main Subjects

During the week the participants got the opportunity to work with the following topics.

Democratic Education

Should we empower the youth to lead the way or what is democratic citizenship building today?

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Sustainable Education

What are the biggest challenges concerning climate changes and how do we address these pedagogically?

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Building Community

How can the folk high school build communities in a polarised world? Can the folk high school bring cohesiveness to fragmenting societies?

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Life enlightenment

Is the purpose of education to make a living or to live a life? 
What is the purpose of life enlightenment today?

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The participants could try these electives.
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    - By Trine Larsen, Ollerup Folk High School


    - By Cristiane Fuglsang, Ollerup Folk High School


    - A storytelling workshop by Theodore Garman, Free Teaching Academy


    - By Søren Lerche, Grundtvigs Folk High School


    - By Mette Heister, Grundtvigs Folk High School

Plenary Sessions

Adult Education
– a lost battle or a new chance?

Why do we need popular adult education today? From this fundamental question we shall explore both the pedagogical and the political perspectives in this first session. 

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Towards a Manifesto for People's Educators

The folk high school takes many different forms throughout the world, but what needs to be in place, in order for an educational setting to be a folk high school?

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Sketches for Future Cooperation

We will start sketching ideas and visions for future cooperation and a potential alliance between international folk high school advocates and practitioners.

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In 2019 The Association of Folk High Schools in Denmark is celebrating its 175th anniversary of the inauguration of the first folk high school in the world.

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We are invited school leaders, practitioners, researchers and promoters of adult popular education inspired by the Danish folk high school tradition.

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The Summit is resting on three intertwined pillars including an introduction to the thoughts and practices of folk high schools, thematic workshops and forming an international alliance.

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Sara Skovborg Mortensen
International consultant


The Association of Folk High Schools in Denmark has organized the International Folk High School Summit in collaboration with:

Mitraniketan, India

Grundtvig Institute, Nigeria 

Education for Life Foundation, Philippines

BACE, Bangladesh

Protiggya Parishad