Sketches for Future Cooperation

Friday 15:00-16:30

In this last joint session, we will come together and start sketching ideas and visions for future cooperation and a potential alliance between international folk high school advocates and practitioners.

In different work stations we will discuss concrete ideas for future cooperation, based on common interests and challenges within these four categories:

  • Pedagogical development.
    How can folk high school teachers continually develop both in subject matters and in their pedagogical skills? Could folk high school teachers benefit from international exchange programs or joint thematical courses?

  • Academic research.
    Overview – what is already published in our field? Where are the dark spots? Are there obvious research fields to make cooperation on?

  • Advocacy and international politics.
    What are the key issues to address in our field and how are we represented in global networks?
    Could we contribute from joining forces in this area?

  • Communication and knowledge sharing.
    How can we keep on communicating and making sure that we diffuse lessons learned and results that others can benefit from?