Who are the students?

Who would take a course at a folk high school? Anyone above the age of 17½ years of age can attend a folk high school (the two youth folk high schools admit students between 16½ and 19 years of age) - regardless of their educational background.

The courses are meant to broaden general, social and democratic competences. This means that you can meet young people at the age of 18 who just finished high school, university students taking a year off, 25-year-olds who still don't know what to do with their lives or adults with an education exploring new sides of themselves etc.

To attend a Danish folk high school you must be an adult, meaning that you are 17,5 years old or older (with the exception of youth folk high schools). Most of the students attending long term courses (often 4 months long) are in their early adulthood (20-24 years old), while the majority of the students attending short term courses (1-2 weeks) are in their late adulthood (60 years old or more).

Please be advised that most of the schools who accept international students either expect you to know some Danish or to speak English, in fact in order to obtain a residence permit (which you need if you are a non EU citizen), you must be able to speak and understand the language of instruction/education.

In the three videos below you can watch international students share experiences from their stay at Danish folk high schools.