Brenderup Højskole

We are a contemporary Danish Folk High School with room for 50 students. We focus on the sustainable lifestyle through construction, ceramics, re-design, permaculture, art, adventure and the good life. We are looking forward for you to get a feel for the community and the many new opportunities and friendships that await you.

About the school

Make deep Roots for life - At Brenderup we focus on sustainability, community and immermision. 

At Brenderup Højskole we live together. We eat and do projects together. We go on trips together, where there is the possibility of study trips to Morocco or Germany, as well as volunteering at our friendship schools in Kenya and Nepal.

Do you want to be part of Brenderup's community on a long stay, where you work with everything from permaculture, ceramics and other creative subjects?

Or are you preoccupied with the many cultures that define our world and your own piece in this context?

Make friends at the best Folk high school in Funen

Folk high school on Funen

Brenderup is located in the middle of Denmark, on Funen, a little north of Middelfart. The school is located in a scenic area, where the beach and the forest play a big role in our focus on nature. In addition, the school is close to Odense, which you can go to by train from Middelfart.

Get a tour of the school and see the school's historic buildings, the beautiful garden and experience a calm and atmosphere that only the soul encounters in everyday life.

Take a long stay of 4,5 - 6 months and put together your own schedule.

Our core subjects

Sustainabilty og Ecology
Outdoor Life
Ceramics and Raku
International Course
Study Trips (more than 2 weeks)
Personal Development

Courses and topics

Subject areas

News! Try our new subject gender, body and sexuality

We have 5 subject areas in which you can choose from a lot of exciting subjects.


Nature - Get out and into the nature and make sure you challange yourself. Here you can choose between the subjects outdoor and mental and physical health.

Creativity - Unleash your creativity and develop your artistic talents in our subjects ceramics, art, redesign or Danish culture.

Body and mind - Get to know your body and mind better with our subjects - Gender, body and sexuality, Improvisation, Music and NADA.

Sustainability - Learn about sustainable building materials as you explore our craft subjects - sustainable construction, tiny house, herbs and personal care, social sustainability and perma garden.

Traveling Brendere - Experience the world. Both at the school and on trips/study tours. You can get up close to the culture with our volunteer work in Kenya and Nepal.


We believe in co-determination and freedom - that's why you put together your schedule yourself based on our large selection of subjects.

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Practical information


Come on in

We love to get visitters at Brenderup Højskole. Call us on +45 6444 2414 or book a tour of the school.


Overall - Find your way to Middelfart Station - and take a bus to Brenderup. The busstop is right in front of the school :-)

School Type

General and Grundtvigian Schools


Information on prices

About accommodation

Accomodations: 50

You will be accommodated in single- or double rooms. We believe that living together builds stronger friendships. 


We are a school that opens up to the world. There is the possibility of study trips to, for example, Morocco and Bremen. There is also the possibility of voluntary work in Africa and the Himalayan mountains.

Travel to Nepal
Volunteer in Kenya


Bronze in organic food.

If allergies, ask the kitchen staff

Children at long-term courses

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