Egaa Youth Folk High School

Egå Ungdoms-Højskole is a Youth Folk High School for students between the age of 16 and 19. We teach classes in many different subjects such as: design, music, theatre, art, sports, film, photo, Esports/gaming, sustainability, as well as politics/psychology/philosophy. We have no exams, grades or homework and you pick your subjects freely.

About the school

The days at the school are marked by joy and intensity, and a community that is binding, spacious, and rewarding. A stay at Egå Youth Folk Highschool can help you see your life in a new perspective. You will follow your interests and try new things. You will get to know many young people - friends who will stay with you further on in your life. We value the fact that you learn to take care of yourself and your life and that you become a good team player. At the school we try to include the students in the decisions that affect our daily lives the school. In this way you will become experienced in decision making and in executing common tasks as an equal member of a group. It is central for us at Egå Youth Folk Highschool that you feel the importance of being an active member and taking responsibility.

Our core subjects

Visual Arts
Sustainabilty og Ecology

Courses and topics

For the creative ones, the thoughtful ones, and for those who enjoy sports

You can lose yourself in one or two subjects or you can try out new things in different classes. The subjects will have classes for beginners as well as experienced, meaning the classes evolve along with you. At the school you find a gym hall and workshops for all the classes. For the students these are free to use after classes. Concerts, theatre, daytrips, parties, and lectures are also arranged outside of classes.

Student guidance

It is important that you receive an education. A stay at a folk high school is not an alternative to this. But it can be a good supplement and can help you feel more ready and fit for the challenges to come in your educational life. At Egå Youth-Folkschool it is alright to have doubts about your future, and the student guidance at the school will help you navigate your future plans. When you have finished your stay you will receive a diploma. The diploma will state what classes/subjects you participated in.

Practical information

The school is situated 7km outside of Århus, in the country, and close to the beach. We have room for 82 students in 7 dormitories. Up to 12 students live in one dormitory and the rooms are mostly single rooms, but there are a few double rooms.

Long terms

The long terms, for students 16-19 years old (non-danish students have to be 16 1/2 years old at course-start), have a duration of 20 or 24 weeks and start in August or January. Please contact the school office for information about economy:

School Type

Youth Folk High Schools (16 - 19 years)


Read about price and economy here.

About accommodation

Accomodations: 91

Contact school

Egaa Youth Folk High School
Eghøjvej 31
8250 Egå

Phone number: 86 22 01 26
Manager: Peter Wang Nielsen