Højskolen Mors

We are a classic Folk High School with Arts and Culture as our main focus. We are located in the most beautiful nature where you can study your artistic interests and discover new exciting areas! You are free to choose all your classes and you have the possibility to mix different art classes for instant Music and Theatre or Parma Culture and Film

About the school

Højskolen Mors/Folk High School Mors is a cultural residential school with main subjects in Music, Film Making, Theatre, Outdoor, Ceramics and Perma Culture. We are a bording school, which means you eat, sleep and study at the school. The typical age is between 18-28. Here we have no exams and you choose all your subjects based on your own interests. We believe that learning should come from curiosity and we want to encourage our students to discover new sides of themselves. 

Our classes are in english, however politics and creative writing is in danish hence, these will only be available for danish students. Our danish students will help translate messages during lunch as well as our morning assembly.

Entry level: You need to understand og speak english - your writing skills are not important. A Danish Folk High School is open for everyone over the age of 18, regardless of your educational background. 

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Our core subjects

Sustainabilty og Ecology
Outdoor Life
Creative Writing
Ceramics and Raku
Rhythmic Music

Courses and topics

Outdoor: Prepare for the nature! In this subject, you will spend most of your time outdoors. You will be climbing, sailing, going on shelter trips, learning about survival in the nature and much more! 

Music: You can choose music as a main subject but you can also choose many music related 2 hour courses such as, Vocal training, Funk/Blues Band and Music Theory. 

Film: Whether you are a tech-geek or dreaming about being the next Steven Spielberg, Film is a subject where you get to live out your passion and experince the whole film making process up and close. We have experienced film students but we also have students without any film experience and everyone is welcome! 

Theatre: If you like the stage or just want to challenge your self, then this is the right subject for you. Here you will learn to gain controle of your body language and your way of speech. 

Permaculture: Do you want to learn about sustainable living? Are you interested in learning how to grow a self-sufficient kitchen garden? Then Perma Culture is definitely for you! 

Ceramics: Let your imagination loose! This is the subject where you can be creative and let your inner artist out. 

Practical information

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School Type

General and Grundtvigian Schools


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We are situated in the most beautiful nature, but public transport can be difficult. Thus, we have two availeble student cars and we can pick you up at the local train/bus station: 

Snedsted Station, Thisted Station or Nykøbing Mors Rutebilsstation. 

Contact school

Højskolen Mors
Salgerhøjvej 36
7900 Nykøbing Mors

Phone number: 88 77 97 20
Manager: Mette Damiri og Nikolai Seidelin