Sport Academy Aarhus

Go to Sport Folk HIgh School Aarhus and experience the unique high school community through sport, music and culture. Choose the subjects you want to cultivate and be taught by competent teachers. Sports opportunities range from ball games over fitness, dance, outdoor and triathlon. As well as the possibility of a handball or football academy

About the school

Sport Folk High School Aarhus

At Sport Folk High School Aarhus we offer a world of sports, music, and culture where you can grow your interests, test your limits, explore new horizons and live life in a community that you may never experience again.

Our core subjects

Ball Games
Volleyball and Beachvolley

Courses and topics

Sport Subject or Academy?

You can design your own weekly schedule from our wide selection of classes. As what we call a regular folk high school student you have to choose two different sports subjects that you will each have classes two times a week. You can join without any experience and learn to play basketball or tennis, just enjoy having time to play a lot of football or maybe it is the perfect fitness shape you are after.

If you wish to focus on Handball or Football in an ambitious training environment you can choose to join one of our Academies. As a student in our Football or Handball Academy, you will focus on that sport with four weekly trainings.

In addition to your sports subjects or academy training, you will have physical training and a different folk high school classes. 

Practical information

Great facilities in one of the greatest cities in Danmark

At IHÅ, we have some of Denmark's best sports facilities, ensuring you get the perfect training conditions all year long, regardless of which subject you choose. We are located in the sports facility Vejlby-Risskov Center, which consists of sports halls, swimming pool, artificial turf, jumping and motoring gym, a squash and tennis hall and outdoor tennis, football and beach volleyball courts. 

In addition, we have our own Multi-House with dance hall and gym.

Furthermore, we have practically forest, water, beach and big city within easy reach. Risskov is closest to our back yard along with access to the sea and the beach. A short block by bike, you hit the center of Aarhus and all that a city has to offer in terms of cultural and social life, which we fully utilize.

Would you like to know more, please email us at or call us at 8621 3800 - You are always welcome to visit us and get a tour!

School Type

Gymnastics & Sports Schools


Registration fee: DKK 1000,-

Start package and material account: DKK 3.500,-

Fall term: Weekly school fee (18 weeks): DKK 1.800,-

Spring term: Weekly school fee (24 weeks): DKK 1.800,-

Plus travels.


About accommodation

Accomodations: 152


Trips spring: Ski trip and Club La Santa
Trips fall: Sletten in Denmark and Club La Santa

The ski and snowboard class you will go on skiing for three weeks. 

The outdoor team will go on a trip to Sweden

Read more here.


The kitchen at Aarhus Sports College is welcoming to special dietary needs.

Conference and rental facilities

At the Aarhus Sports Academy we rent a swimming pool, artificial turf, sports arena and indoor hall. Read more here.

Disabled facilities

Many rooms and rooms on the ground floor, but also stairs. Contact the school for further information.

Contact school

Sport Academy Aarhus
Vejlby Centervej 53
8240 Risskov

Phone number: 86 21 38 00
Manager: Arne Grønbæk