Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk

Kunsthøjskolen contains a leading educational environment in the visual arts. Different people meet here, exchange views and conceive and implement projects across subjects. Teachers are all professional contemporary visual artists, architects, designers, etc. Here you can test and develop your skills in contemporary art. Main language is Danish.

About the school

Place for Art

We facilitate an environment wherein you can develop friendships and networks for life. Kunsthøjskolen wishes to challenge your notions of what life and art can be. Through practices in the aesthetics we explore the world and reach a greater understanding of it, of each other and ourselves in society.

The artistic subjects serve as the focal point of the school's teachings, and since the beginning in 1962 we have offered courses in, among other things; painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics, music, architecture, literature and most recently digital media.

Our most basic idea is that Kunsthøjskolen's students should have the opportunity to acquire knowledge in different fields of art and also have the chance to explore the intersection of art forms. To accommodate the ever-changing field of contemporary art, we invite a faculty of assorted artists to guest teach in their field of art and thus contributing to the dynamics, timeliness and innovation of the courses.

Please note that the main language at Kunsthøjskolen is Danish. However, teaching of individual subjects and 'family' meetings might be in English if necessary.

Our core subjects

Visual Arts
Preparation for admission to Art education
Ceramics and Raku

Courses and topics

Long term courses at Kunsthøjskolen have a duration between 18 and 20 weeks and are traditionally divided into 3 periods. At the start of each period, you choose 2 new subjects for that period, but you choose only 1 subject in the last period. You will therefore have attended 5 different types of art classes by the end of the course. In this way, you get the opportunity to test the different artistic techniques, content, and perspectives, in a professional and interdisciplinary environment.

Among the permanent subjects offered on the long terms are: analog-photography, animation, architecture, design, digital-photography, painting, literature, sound art, ceramics, installation, graphic design, printmaking, video, comics, sculpture, jewelry and screen printing.
All teachers are professional working artists.

Short term courses during summer - from June to August

The summer courses at Kunsthøjskolen are a vibrant meeting place for people who seek to gain professional artistic insight while enjoying good company. We offer courses of both 8 and 14 days duration. You choose the workshop that you wish to attend upon registration. There are 5 different workshops on every short term course.

Practical information

Kunsthøjskolen was founded in 1962 and was the very first Folk School dedicated to the disciplines of art. The school is housed in the old Holbæk Castle Ladegaard, which, with a floor area of ​​8,800 m2, shapes the framework for workshops, study rooms and accommodation for students and teachers.

Social life and everyday life at Kunsthøjskolen is usually quiet vivid. With the artistic processes as a turning point, there is ample opportunity to make projects across workshops both inside and outside of classes. The workshops are open all hours of the day, and Kunsthøjskolen has the following specialist workshops:
Photo studio, graphics workshop, ceramics workshop, painting studio, sculpture workshop, jewelry workshop, serigraphic workshop, digital video workshop, theater and film hall, and music venue. For other subject areas, the workshops are ad hoc.

Material costs are paid by the individual student.
The school has a well-stocked artsupply store, which is open daily.

Kunsthøjskolen has a terrific kitchen team that operates the kitchen according to sustainable and eco-friendly principles – and a part of the vegetables served is grown in the school's own organic greenhouse.

School Type

Specialised Schools


Prices for the long courses vary. For the 20 week course, the price is around DKK 38,000 and for 18 weeks courses DKK 34,200
Additional cost is payed for the excursion and for single rooms with bath or double rooms with bath.

About accommodation

Accomodations: 77

Kunsthøjskolen can accommodate up to 77 students at our long courses (18-20 weeks) They are then divided in to 5 different living-groups, to give the students a social starting point – we call those families.


Excursion to Berlin

The long courses takes a study trip to Berlin. Here we visit galleries exhibitions as well as museums w´ith both historical works and the latest contemporary art. An inspiring trip with a focus on art, design and architecture

Contact school

Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk
Holbæk Slot Ladegård, Ladegårdsalléen 5
4300 Holbæk

Phone number: 59 43 18 88
Manager: Michael Nielen