Luthersk Missions Højskole

The school was founded based on the religious revivals in the late nineteenth century. This framework has left its marks on everything which takes place at LMH. This means that we are both a folk high school and a Bible school. Both are evident from our values as well as our history.

About the school

Values and purpose
The values of LMH are trinominal:
•    The whole Bible is God's fully trustworthy words in everything which it says, and therefore it is the only source of faith, doctrine and life.
•    The evangelical Lutheran doctrine is a true way of expressing God's revelations for salvation of all mankind.
•    C.O. Rosenius' perception of the gospel identifies itself with the Biblical and Lutheran message.

Based on the foundations of the school - its purpose is through general education attaching special importance to the Biblical subjects:
•    to be an instrument of education and understanding of life as well as contributing to personal maturing and development.
•    to prompt the students to personal faith in Jesus Christ as well as to growing in the faith.
•    to be an instrument of bringing about a calling to accept ministries in the Kingdom of God, in Denmark as well as internationally.
The school is run within the valid rules for free boarding schools.

Our core subjects

Visual Arts
Ball Games
Kayak and Canoe
Religious Knowledge
Social Science

Courses and topics

In the early history of LMH the students had many weekly lessons in Danish, mathematics and agriculture - always accompanied by lectures and Bible lessons. Today the Bible school is the most important, and the idea of the folk high school influences the school through subjects as Danish, birds and nature, weekly lectures and guests lecturing on subjects of general character.

Practical information

Our current courses

Long courses

2. August, 20 weeks
3. January, 22 weeks

School Type

Christian or Spiritual Schools

About accommodation

Accomodations: 104

Contact school

Luthersk Missions Højskole
Ansgarvej 2
3400 Hillerød

Phone number: 48 26 07 66
Manager: Kristoffer H. Enevoldsen