Mariager Højskole

Strengthen your faith and character. Mariager Bible College is know for its profound teaching, that enables you to consolidate you in your own faith and opinion. Also, you give the lofty ideas hands and feet, when you select your track and engage yourself in social and church activities.

About the school

Mariager Bible College has around 80 students. The college is knows for its challenging teaching that equip its students to reflect on and establish their own beliefs in a narrative environment where life stories are developed and and dreams are born together with a staff that loves coaching and personal development. The school has a close relationship with it's church network ( and several local NGO's.

Mariager Bible College

Our core subjects

International Course
Study Trips (more than 2 weeks)
Religious Knowledge
Body and Mind

Courses and topics

Mariager Bible College offers different streams that covers different subjects. When you sign up you chose which stream you prefer.

Societal The Societal line is about making us wiser about life, curious about people and society, and open to the world we all relate to. Explore the diverse narrative of Christianity, immerse ourselves and ask informed questions to find answers and meaning where possible. (Only available in Danish)

Theology Gives you a deeper insight into the Bible.Equips you to express yourself more clearly and more academically in writing.
Challenges you to reflect theologically.

Leadership Christian leadership teaching which will equip you and shape you to be a leader in your own life, your church, and the world we are living in. Theological reflection, which will help you to apply biblical theology to the challenges of the contemporary church as well as the societal dilemmas Christians are facing today.

Study Explore a self-chosen topic, for instance Theology, Spirituality, Leadership, Missiology, Media, Music. Study your bachelor degree in applied theology. Invest in your personal development.

Practical information

Experience Mariager Bible College 1 week!

We are proud to welcome you to EXPERIENCE the Bible College for one week free of charge whenever it suits your calendar. Call us and we’ll prepare all the practical matters. Many have done this and we are confident that your reaction will be similar to theirs: You’ll love it!

Contact us through our homepage or call us and booke your visit.


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School Type

Christian or Spiritual Schools


Find the current college fee at our homepage.

About accommodation

Accomodations: 107

We offer a range of different single and double rooms, well modernised with access to nice bathrooms. Are you joining as a family we offer apartments too. All accomodation include high-speed WIFI access.


A year at Mariager Bible College is also your ticket to go see the world and expand your perspective on life. Your stay includes 3 international travels. One in autumn, one in spring and one in summer. The destinations are Europe and beyond.


Mariager Højskole's kitchen can take into account special allergies or dietary considerations. Please inform us of this when registering.

Children at long-term courses

It is possible to bring children to Mariager Bible College. As a family you will stay in one of our apartments and your weekly schedule will be adaptet to your routines. There is daycare and public schools within 300 meters of the college.

Disabled facilities

Our Bible College has good facilities for you with handicaps. Please contact our office and hear more.

Contact school

Mariager Højskole
Hjulhusvej 12 B
9550 Mariager

Phone number: 96 68 27 00
Manager: Leif Petterson