Ry Højskole

In your application you must chose 1 of 6 main subjects: The world around you, Art, Ceramics, Outdoor, Music and Theatre. After 6 or 7 week all students may chose 2 new main subjects. 25 supplementary subjects offer you the possibility of absorption or diversity. Headwords: community, absorption, awareness, sustainability and cooperation.

About the school

Did you ever dream of pursuing your hobbies, expanding your horizon and learning new things without having to dread upcoming exams?
This is an opportunity you have at Ry Højskole, where you can try out the saxophone, paddle in our kayaks, test your skills as an artist, learn more about the world you live in, perform or dance and much, much more.

"No exams" does not mean that you do not learn and that there are no requirements. We take pride in giving our students challenges and inspiration that will develop their tools and skills for later in life. This knowledge is taught in classes teaching knowledge about cultures, history and politics, outdoor teamwork or acting which will equip you for handling stress, functioning well in a group or giving a speech in front of a large crowd. We live by a concept of 'education for life'

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Our core subjects

Visual Arts
Ceramics and Raku
Outdoor Life
Audio Engineering
Social Science
Creative Writing

Courses and topics

Courses to attend
The main subjects at Ry Højskole are Theatre, Art, Wildlife, Outdoor, Music and Social science.
To fill out a weeks schedule you have to choose from other subjects such as Stomp, Kayak, Choir, philosophy and many more. Please be aware that participation in some of these classes require sufficient language skills in Danish from the start. 

You share classes in "Danish for foreigners" with the other 2 - 5  international students. The focus is on the Danish language. All other classes are along with the Danish students, where classes are taught in Danish. We give instructions and announcements in English if you need it, and all danish students understand and speak english very well. 

Participation in your classes is mandatory.
During a course we also have full weeks that are not on the regular schedule. This is when we go on a study trip to another European country or when we are fully absorbed in our main subject.

Practical information

The school is equipped with Visual Arts and Ceramic studios; a library adjoined to journalism room with computers; and a music room with many instruments and a digital recording studio. A large theater/auditorium accommodates student productions as well as community sponsored events.

Ry is a beautiful, small town situated near many lakes, streams, and forests. It is located 25 minutes away from Århus, Denmarks second largest city. Students have many opportunities to explore the diverse landscape in and around Ry during canoe trips and overnight excursions.

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School Type

General and Grundtvigian Schools

About accommodation

Accomodations: 100



Contact school

Ry Højskole
Klostervej 36
8680 Ry

Phone number: 86 89 18 88
Manager: Stefan Hollænder Kvamm