Silkeborg Højskole

Silkebog Højskole welcomes students worldwide to experience the vibrant Danish culture. With passionate teachers, exciting subjects taught in English and Danish, and thrilling travel opportunities, you'll make new friends and have the adventure of a lifetime. Plus, most common activities come with English interpretation, so you'll never miss a beat

About the school

A semester at Silkeborg Højskole offers you new experiences, friends, insight and knowledge that will broaden your world and deepen your roots. While living with diverse people from different cultural and social backgrounds you discover who you are and that your contribution to the community matters.

You can join us for Spring (Jan-Jun) or Autumn (Aug-Dec).
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Teaching Style and Curriculum

Our teaching style is based on equality between students and teachers. You are encouraged to speak your mind and partake in discussions from your standpoint. That way we all benefit.

Choose a subject you're already passionate about, or challenge yourself by practising new skills.

Choose 1 main subject, 2 existential subjects, 3-5 elective subjects, and experience Højskole life at its best – with games, singing, socialising and everything in between.

Travel with us

Experiencing the world is part of your højskole education. We believe that one has to see and feel nature, foreign cultures and the unfairness in the world to understand it.

We travel to Ghana, the Balkans, Kenya, India, South Korea, Norway (winter), Norway (Summer)Belgium, and USA 


Our core subjects

Outdoor Life
Kayak and Canoe
Ceramics and Raku
Study Trips (more than 2 weeks)

Courses and topics

Are your dreams accompanied by a soundtrack? Do you sleep best under the open sky and with your favourite outdoor gear within easy reach? Do you think in artistic images and see the world in colours? Is exercise as important to you as breathing? ...Or do you just want to try something new?

Main Subject

At Silkeborg Højskole we offer five main subjects suitable for non-Danish-speaking students.

Existential subjects

Existential subjects explore different aspects of human life and interaction. We aim for students to reflect on and gain knowledge of the existential wonders of life.

Elective subjects

Elective subjects often have a practical, physical or creative scope. You may choose subjects that relate to your main subject or you can go down completely new paths exploring new talents.The list of elective subjects is dynamic and updated each semester within a wide range of themes such as:

  • Creative workshops
  • Music workshops
  • Sports
  • Practical skills
  • Digital learning
  • Outdoor activities


Practical information

Silkeborg Højskole offers beautiful and well-equipped facilities for all our subject areas.

Music: A fully-equipped music house with sound studios, control room and rehearsal rooms.

Ceramics: Two well-equipped pottery workshops, 16 electric pottery wheels, glaze department, two pottery kilns, three raku kilns and everything in tools.

Art: Large art workshop and studio.

Nature and Outdoor life: Large sustainable open-air building, nature park with a large firehouse and shelter, kayaks and canoes.

Sports and water sports: Swimming pool, sports hall, fitness room and mountain bikes, as well as outdoor double beach volleyball court.  

A højskole in the Danish lake-highland

Silkeborg Højskole is located in beautiful central Jutland between hills and forests right down to the vast lake; Silkeborg Langsø. As a student you have easy access to explore the local landscape and city life is just a short walk, bike or canoe ride away. The town of Silkeborg offers a host of shops, cosy cafes and cultural sights as well as train and bus connections if you wish to visit Aarhus; Denmark’s second-largest city only 35 minutes out.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

School Type

General and Grundtvigian Schools


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About accommodation

Accomodations: 135 


Study trips

We travel to Ghana, the Balkans, Kenya, India, South Korea, Norway (winter), Norway (Summer)Belgium, and USA 

Explorer Trips

We travel to Canada, Nepal, Colombia and from spring 2025 to Tanzania.

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If you have medical or religious reasons to request a special diet, please contact us upon registration so that we may take appropriate measures to accomodate your needs.

Disabled facilities

  • Handicap-friendly facilities.
  • Full access for wheelchair users and disabled people. 
  • Elevator.
  • Four student places (two student rooms) with a shared accessible toilet and bath.

Contact school

Silkeborg Højskole
Platanvej 12
8600 Silkeborg

Phone number: 86 82 29 33
Manager: Claus Staal