Vestjyllands Højskole

Vestjyllands Højskole is a general cultural folk højskole focusing on creative subjects and sustainability. Here, you can cultivate close friendships, go for walks in the garden, spend lots of time in the workshops, go on a trip to the North Sea, sing at the song evenings and participate in many joint activities.

About the school

Out in the countryside, close to Ringkøbing fjord and 20 kilometres from the North Sea.

Vestjyllands Højskole is a general creative folk high school with room for 80 students.

The long courses start in January and February and end in June. The fall course begins in August and ends in December. ​​

Over the summer and New Year, we have weekly courses. Our facilities are accessible around the clock: the climbing wall, the outdoor kitchen, the dance hall, the music room, the roundhouse, where you can practice yoga. The kitchen room is where fermentation occurs, and the textile room is where wool, spinning, and sewing are.

We have students from all over the world, but most Danish students on both long and short courses.

At the weekends, there will always be many different activities.

During the year, we have cultural events with artists from outside.

Since 1986, Vestjyllands Højskole has focused on sustainability and green transition. The school is self-sufficient in electricity and heat. Our kitchen uses organic ingredients that we buy locally or grow in our garden.

Højskole life is not only about academics. At Vestjyllands Højskole, there is time for yourself and immersion.

Our core subjects

Visual Arts
Ceramics and Raku
Outdoor Life
Personal Development

Courses and topics

Practical information

When you are here, Vestjyllands Højskole will always be open.

The rooms are both single and double. There is what you need; Bed, bed linen, desk, chair and sink in all rooms. If there are spaces available, it is possible to change rooms during your course. The price varies depending on whether you want a single room, a double room or a room with a private bath and toilet.

Vestjyllands Højskole would like to give you as much as possible while you are here. That's why we don't have autumn and winter holidays and we have no classes during the Easter holidays.

The kitchen prepares healthy and tasty meals and uses fresh organic vegetables from our own garden or from the local area. The kitchen prepares vegan and vegetarian dishes every day and caters for allergens.

Friends and family are welcome to visit and stay overnight at weekends.




Vestjyllands Højskoles office (+45) 9675 3777

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School Type

General and Grundtvigian Schools


Our prices vary depending on whether you want a single room, a double room, or a room with a private bathroom and toilet.

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About accommodation

Accomodations: 85


On the long courses, there is a study tour in Denmark, where everyone is joining.

Contact school

Vestjyllands Højskole
Skraldhedevej 8
6950 Ringkøbing

Phone number: 96 75 37 77
Manager: Benedikte Sten Andersen