What changed?

Publiceret 13-03-2023

Jack is from the US and has decided to go to a Danish folk high school. He needs a fresh start, to become more independent and to feel like a new person. Jack tells his story in this video.

At the folk high school, there is a strong focus on sustainability, environmentalism and leaving the world better than you found it.

Jack actually feels like being at the perfect place, at the perfect time in his life. He has become more self-secure and has gained more self-confidence. He has even started to enjoy all the singing together.

What is a folk high school?

  •  A folk high school is a boarding school where you live, learn, study, sleep, eat, party, and attend classes of your own choice.
  • You make your own timetable with the subjects that interest you.
  • There are no academic requirements for admittance, no grades, and no exams.
  • A stay at a Danish folk high school will give you new social and professional perspectives, and you will get time to absorb yourself in the things that matter to you.
  • You will get an intense and unforgettable experience and lots of new friends.

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