In 2019 The Association of Folk High Schools in Denmark is celebrating its 175th anniversary of the inauguration of the first folk high school in the world. It was established in Rødding in Southern Jutland, Denmark in 1844.

Through 175 years the folk high school movement in Denmark, as well as internationally, has played a significant role in civic- and democratic citizenship education.

The folk high school is considered one of the cornerstones in the development of the active civil society and democracy in Denmark. 

Today there are 70 folk high schools in Denmark – while the number of international schools and institutions inspired by the Danish folk high school, is unknown.

Today, the Association of Folk High Schools in Denmark is experiencing an increased interest from international folk high school practitioners, who wish to share knowledge and cooperate.

Therefore, our choice for this anniversary has been to gather these folk high school practitioners and promotors from all over the world in Denmark in September 2019.

We wish to strenghten relationships and investigate shared interests for future action, in an international folk high school alliance.