Building Community

How can the folk high school build communities in a polarised world?

Can the folk high school bring cohesiveness to fragmenting societies? Or is the folk high school itself a fragment, separated from society? Can the folk high school promote diversity and inclusion? And should we?

In this main subject, we explore and challenge the folk high schools’ ability to build communities.

We look for progressive ideas and experiments, listen to experiences from researchers and practitioners and we create a critical but constructive approach to the folk high schools’ current role and the task ahead.

The main subject will be facilitated in smaller peer-groups where you will share your experiences, questions and ideas. The starting point will be a theoretical framework, offering a platform for the class to discuss (from).This will be offered by Iram Khawaja, Cand.psych. Ph.D  at Institute for Pedagogical Psykologi DPU, Aarhus Universitet.

Edicio dela Torre from the Philippines will contribute with his experiences building communities in the post-conflict Philippines, using the folk high school as a place of togetherness.

Furthermore, the Greenlandic folk high school, Knud Rasmussenip Højskolia, will offer their perspectives from using culture, history, and language to strengthen the young Greenlandic identity.