Sustainable Education

As climate changes has become a reality we are facing globally, more and more folk high schools are pointing their educational project towards the education for sustainable development.

What are the biggest challenges concerning climate changes and how do we address these pedagogically? What differences and what similarities do we find in the sustainability education at our folk high schools around the world?

Is the UN Sustainability Goals and the Global RCE Network the key to practice more sustainability education across countries? How do we connect the local work with global problems?

Jonas Andreasen Lysgaard (Associate professor in folk high schools from Danish schools of education, Aarhus university) will give us a brief introduction to the concept of sustainability in a historical, educational perspective.

Dr. Reghu Rama Das will tell about Sustainability practices at the Mitraniketan School in India. And finally, Ewa Smuk Stratenwerth will tell us about her educational programs on small farms in Poland.

These presentations will form the framework for discussions and sharing of experiences in smaller peer-groups and finally end up in a big panel debate.