Higher education

The education at the Danish folk high schools is non-formal and does generally not qualify for higher education.

A folk high school is a non-formal residential school offering learning opportunities in almost any subject such as  history, arts, music, sports, philosophy, theatre, photography etc. The schools decide individually on the content of the courses and there are no tests or exams at the end of the term.

Even though the schools receive financial support from the state and belong under the Ministry of Culture they are not part of the formal educational system in Denmark. Therefore, you will not be accepted at universities, colleges or the like after following courses at a folk high school.

Thus, a course at a folk high school does not qualify for admission to a higher education and does not give access to further education or residence in Denmark.

However, it is possible to follow courses at a folk high school preparing you for a specific professional career.


You can find courses aimed at training specific skills that will lead you into a future career e.g.:

  • an actor
  • a policeman
  • a nurse
  • a journalist
  • an architect