Nordic partners

The concept of the Folk High Schools does not only exist in Denmark. Since the late 18-hundreds the idea has spread all over Scandinavia. Read more about our Scandinavian friends.

The Swedish Folk High Schools

The overall objective of the Swedish folk high school is to provide general civic education. Integral to this aim is to provide not only knowledge and skills, thus raising educational standards, but also to provide experiences and social awareness leading to a broader and deeper democratic participation.

The 150 Swedish folk high schools offer a unique opportunity to enhance each individual's human resources. NOTE: All courses are in Swedish.


The Norwegian folk high schools

The 78 folk high schools in Norway invite international students of all ages to experience a unique year.

Folk High Schools are one-year boarding schools based on the idea of learning for life, not only for occupations and degrees.


The Finnish folk high schools

The 90 Finnish folk high schools of today want to offer a viable alternative to help individuals fulfil their potential, and to help them  become more aware, critical and responsible members of society. In the Finnish educational system, the role of the Folk High Schools is to provide adult  and liberal adult education.

The courses offered are mainly general or non-formal but initial and further vocational training is also offered.